Maecenas luctus lectus

ea▓tcoat seems to offer inadequate protect▓ion.I have told Faraj tha

t I wi▓ll do my own loading as I do not want him hand▓ling my spare gun and cartridges in the next b●arrel.I

must confess to a feeling of

Etiam posuere augue

shame as ▓I do so, but it sets my nerv▓es at rest.He nods with an e

xpressionless face ●and stands off with the punt in the next cluster● of reeds, camouflaged like a scarecrow.W

●e wait now with our faces

Fusce ultrices fringilla

turned tow▓ards the distant reaches of the l●ake — it seems for cen

turies.Suddenly at the▓ end of the great couloir my vision is sha▓rpened by a pale disjunctive● shudder as a

bar of buttercup-yellow thi?/p>

Nulla luctus eleifend

馽kening gradually to a ray falls s▓lowly through the dark masses of

c▓loud to the east.The ripple● and flurry of the invisible colonies▓ of birds around us increases.Slowly, pai

nfu▓lly, like a half-open d


oor the dawn is upon● us, forcing back the darkness.A minute more● and a stairway of soft kingcups● slides smoothly down out of heave●n to touch in our horizons, to g▓ive eye and mind an orientation in space ▓which it has been lacking.Faraj yawns he▓avily and scratches himself.Now rose-madde▓r and warm burnt gold.Clouds move to gree●n and yellow.The lake has beg▓un to shake off its sleep.I▓ see the black silhouette of teal cross ▓my vision eastward.‘It is time●’ murmurs Faraj; but the minute hand of my● wrist watch shows that we still have▓ five minutes to go.My bones feel as ●if they have b

een soaked in the ▓darkness.I f


  • eel suspense an●d inertia strug

    gling for possession of my sl▓eepy mind.By agreement there is to be n●o shooting before four-thi

  • rty.I l▓oad slowly and dispose

    my bandolier acro▓ss the butt next me within easy▓ reach.‘It is time’ says Faraj▓ more urgent

  • ly.Nearby there is a plop a▓nd

    a scamper of some hidden birds.Out o●f sight a couple of coot squat in the m▓iddle of the lake p

  • ondering.I am about to sa▓y som

    ething when the first chapter of● guns opens from the south — like the distant ▓click of cricke

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